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                                  –By Ananya

Its been 2 years since am doing Kickboxing. When I joined CHHATTISGARH MARTIAL ART & KICKBOXING ACADEMY on 26th March, 2018, I don’t have any fixed goals nor am doing it to achieve anything. I just joined Kickboxing for timepass in my summer vacations. I didn’t knew anyone there except one boy, he is my classmate. I don’t have friends there, neither any of the mentors were talking to me freely. In short am not totally comfortable in that environmemt. I just reach there at 6 pm and left after an hour practice sharply at 7.

It was 14th of April, 9:08 pm, I suddenly got a text in my whatsapp from an unknown number. The texts were so horrible that I can’t tell.

I asked from where you got my no.? He replied from the Academy’s whatsapp group.

Literally I didn’t know who’s this fool from the academy! We both involved in chatting from that day, asked curiously about each other.

He told me that he saw me doing some workout in the academy on 11th April, and he wanted to make me his friend.

His nature is so good, I really liked his way of talking, he has a pleasant company that everyone likes. He has been National Gold medalist before I entered his life and he is doing Kickboxing passionately for 6 years.

Time passed, we became good friends, you can even say Best Buddies, after a few months School games Kickboxing competetion are to be held in different levels. More than my coaches, he used to encourage me for everything in my life and he is the only one who helped me to find my goals of life. He is the one who trained me in the morning before coming to school. He started training me from July because the block level competetion is in August. Everyday he called me at 4 am and I’ve to reach the practice ground by 5 am. Then at 6:30 I left for home and then I came to school. We are in the same school, but he is one year old than me.

Only because of his hardwork am the first girl of that batch who is able to qualify for the National level in the practice of just 3-4 months. I am so thankful to my Best friend because not only for this but because till now I have many favours of him. When no one stood with me he always took my side whether am right or wrong, but always corrected me after the matter is sorted. Whatever am today is only because of him.

 Its been 2 years since he is my Best Friend, we have infinte memories captured in thousands of pictures. We both support and help each other reaching to our dreams.

My best friend is very shy and am just opposite of him. He doesn’t talks with a lot of girls, and what to say about me..

I have more male friends than females..😅

That’s why my best friend is also a boy. But I love him soo much and I hope that our bond will be stronger day by day and till our last breath.

Kickboxing gave me everything, name and fame, medals, certificates, healthy body, a positive attitude, bravery and specially MY BEST FRIEND, the greatest gift and blessing of my life.


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