Fit India Movement is a nation-wide movement in India launched at Indira Gandhi Stadium in New Delhi on 29 August 2019 (National Sports Day) by our honorable prime minister Narendra Modi.

The purpose of this movement is to encourage people so that they can add physical activities and sports in their daily life to stay fit and healthy.

Shri Suparna Satpathy in 1993 discovered the Fit India and it was organized as a legal company in 2000.

In November 2019, PM Modi announced fit India grading for school to rank them in order of fitness. The main motive to launch this is to ensure the fitness level of students. If any student fails in this fitness test then the school community works to make the child fit and healthy.

To advise the government on this campaign, a committee has been set up. The committee includes various government officials, national track and field teams, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA), health promoters, and many private agencies.

Fitness has been very important in our Indian culture right from the beginning. . But there are a great deal of indifference in fitness, nowadays people are lacking in fitness and health that’s why Fit India Movement will lead India in terms of fitness and health.


Benefits of Fit India Movement

There are lots of benefits of Fit India Movement but am going to tell about some of the major benefits from it.

1. Fit India Movement has brought the new era of fitness and sports in India. Many people are showing their interest towards fitness and health.

2. As schools are also taking part, so this benefits children fitness and their interest towards sports. Students are engaging in various sports which keep them active.

3. This movement has changed various mindset towards fitness and sports and continuously keep changing. People are allowing their wards to take part in various sports field.


4. Government is also giving funds to many eligible schools and fitness hubs to main their students and members fitness and health by providing many fitness instruments and test kit.

5. This campaign brings lots of new fitness events or program to improve people fitness level and to make them healthy.

How this Fit India Movement impact sports carrier in India?


Fit India Movement has given a great impact on sports carrier in India. On comparing the sports carrier in India, 10 years ago with the current scenario, there are a lot of changes we can see. Earlier, many Indian people have mindset that education is only key to success, but this campaign makes people aware of modern sports industry.

Many national and international level tournaments are being conducted, thus providing athletes an opportunity to get a chance to make carrier in their respective sports or games.

Fit India Movement shows hidden potential of India in sports and fitness industry. We have no shortage of talent and Fit India Movement boosts this talent and give opportunities to athletes regarding their respective field.

Success is like a Chapter, and struggle for this is always like a moral.


Fit India Movement is a excellent step taken by the government of India. Each of us should take part in it and in our free time, we should thing about our physical health. This movement is widely accepted movement and nowadays everyone is supporting this to build a healthy environment.

Why do we need Fit India Movement?

Impact of Fit India Movement

We are very much in need of Fit India Movement as the world is going digital the fitness level of people is decreasing and this movement will bring India back to its fitness culture.

India is a country where people are fitness freak and in such a situation, launching such a good Champaign by the government is a matter of great praise. If we remain fit then only we will remain healthy, we should understand this things, and support this movement to its best.

How can I participate in Fit India Movement?

If you want to participate in this movement, then it is very simple, all you have to do is go to the official website of Fit India Movement and fill in all your basic details by choosing ‘BECOME A PARTNER’ option.

After that, by checking your details, they will approve you to participate in this movement.


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