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The one who never gave up on me : MY BEST FRIEND

It has been 2 years since we met, and till now she never gave up on me. Yes, you read correct…. I have a female best friend, and I feel really very proud that I have someone who never gave up on me. She only knows how imperfect, idiot and dumb I am, but she always tries to make me a better person instead of leaving me.

It’s quite easier to find needles in a haystack than finding a true loyal friend but I did it😍

Ananya & Piyush

Life gives us only one chance to find our better half, and people who find this in their best friend are really very blessed. Life is so cruel that it gives us many reasons to give up on each other, but hopefully we always overcome these situations.
Ananya & Piyush are not just names, it’s an emotion, a feeling which makes me happy and enthusiast about our future.

One thing, I want to share whenever you have any tension or misunderstanding with your best friend or someone you don’t want to lose, then please keep all your ego aside because your ego is a depreciation of your happiness.

I made her cry so many times but she didn’t complain about it. She’s my angel and I love her soo much, and I never want to lose her.

Without ANANYA, there is no PIYUSH.

Believing someone is quite difficult in today’s world, but she believes me more than anyone else. To keep this unique unbreakable bond of trust and faith alive, we both are trying our best for making ourselves better so that we can’t trouble each other in any time period. Being best friend is not easy, but we have bundles of dreams that makes it easy for us to overcome everything and start moving ahead.

Why she never left me alone?

It’s really very deep why she has never left me alone till today, as far as I know when two broken hearts meet and join, it is very difficult to separate them.
I and Ananya have many similarities, she quickly befriends and trusts too, but her own people leave her after betray her, and the same thing happens to me. We both know the pain of losing each others company, so there is no chance of getting us apart.

As far as I am concerned, that’s why she is the only one who never gave up on me.

Battles which we have fought together :

We both fought many battles together and some of them were the battles of the society, some were from our own people and many more.

Our fight with society is still going on as we all know that many Indian societies have false mindset that a girl or a boy can never be friends, but both of us proved this wrong and made our unbreakable friendship a paradise.

You must have heard as we grow up our friends circle start decreasing, and this same happened to us. We lost many of our dearly friends as they left us alone in times of our need, and this backstabbing made us what we are today. We have learned many things from this, and we both have understood that in life there is only one person who will never give up on you and that’s your only best friend.

Our bond in 2020 :

As everyone knows so well that 2020 is filled up with lots of grief and difficulties, and this had been making a great impact on human being. There are lots of problems which everyone is facing today, some are facing mental disturbance while some are physically disturbed.

In the same way a lot of problems came in our life and there was some displeasure among us as well, but we understood each other and today we are moving forward together with so much love even in 2020, and it will continue till our last breath and after…💕

My love for my Best Friend ANANYA😍

My love for Ananya is so deep that no one can understand it. She is my family, my world and my everything. It’s quite impossible for me to imagine my world without her.


Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.



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