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Https : Expectation VS Reality

At present, over 1.7 billion websites are there in the search engines and more than 30 thousand websites get hacked every day. This is nothing but lack of knowledge about HTTPS and SSL certificate.

These two things are very important for a website, if people are not aware of both these things, then there will always be a risk of attackers in your website. So today we will learn about these two things in detail, how they work and how to protect your site.

Note:- This topic requires some technical terms to give you an in-depth knowledge. But I will try to avoid such terms and explain it in the easiest way.

Have you ever noticed this when we visit a website, on the top you can see a lock which is opened that means your site is not fully secure and sometimes you can see a green padded locked icon which means your site is fully secure. This information tells us about data transfer security of the website.

What is Data transfer security?

Data transfer security | http vs https

Data transfer security is defined as a transfer of data such as private information like a password, login information from one server to another server over a secure connection.
In simple words, when we visit any website, some data is transferred from the web server to your PC or mobile web browser. And when the user gives input like password, login information, etc. then this data is transferred from web browser to web server. Therefore, it is very important to use a secure connection for both the website and the visitor.

Data transfer can happen in two possible ways:

1. Using HTTP protocol (unsecure connection)
2. Using HTTPS protocol (secure connection)

What is HTTP and HTTPS protocol?

http security

HTTP:- The full form of HTTP is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. In this type of protocol, connection is not secure due to which data is transferred in human-readable open text format, so this type of data is open to all and exposed to the attackers. Most common attack which is done by attackers is “MITM” Man In The Middle attack.
In this attack, the attacker can get access to the sensitive information of the website like a username, password, credit card details, etc.

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They can even make modifications in the webpages by injecting malware and unserviceable advertisements. To prevent such kinds of attacks, network expert have designed another safest way to transfer the data.

HTTPS:- In HTTPS, S stands for secure. In this type of protocol, connection is fully secure because data is transferred in encrypted format. This protocol uses SSL certificate to transfer the data.

What is SSL certificate?

SSL certificate stands for secure socket layer. It helps us to make secure connection between a web server and a web browser. It is also known as HTTP over SSL because of its secure connection property.

We will not go much deeper in this topic as these technical terms may lead to confusion. In this article, we have explained you that data transfer in HTTPS connection is secured in simple words.

Reality and expectations of HTTPS

In today’s reality, HTTPS is considered as a basic security measure of the website. Nowadays all the websites are using HTTPS to keep their website secure.

If you want to install HTTPS in your website, then you have to purchase and install SSL certificate in your website. Google only ranks those websites which are fully secure and friendly for the user.

Now the reality is that HTTPS only makes your data transfer connection secure, it cannot make your website 100% secure. The website is still vulnerable to the other type of cyberattacks like cross-site scripting, SQL injection, etc. But surely we can say it provides basic security measure to the website.

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