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What is lovelLOVE | What is Love? | How to Believe that some truly Loves you ?

Love, one of the bestest feelings, if you are succeeded in this, you’re the luckiest person ever. Mostly people fail in terms of love, some may find their better half in their friend, or some may find their best friend in their better half.

Do you really know what is True Love ?

Love is not about looks, body, lust or money, if you love someone by seeing any of these, that’s not love, it’s just attraction. And this attraction won’t last for lifelong. It is only for a couple of weeks or hardly some months. If you truly love someone, their looks, financial status or body won’t matter for you. The most important thing that matters is how pure is their soul, their love, affection, care and loyalty for you. Your true lover will never judge you for your looks or anything, if he/she does so, this love isn’t correct for your future.

One most important thing, which everyone should understand, love is not only in between girlfriend or boyfriend, it can be in between mother and son, father and daughter, sister and brother, and in between bestfriends too.

For instance, if you see a girl or boy riding in a vehicle that doesn’t means that they are lovers, they can be brothers and sisters and even bestfriends. This is a major problem of Indians to spread rumors about any girl or boy if they see them anywhere together, and I can say, rumors can spoil your life very rapidly. Because of rumors, your friendship/realtionship, your image, eveything can be destroyed easily.

Please never ever believe in whatever you hear about anyone. Firstly enquire eveything, know and understand them properly, then only judge. Today you might judge anyone by believing in rumors , someday someone can also do the same with you.

What to do if you find your partner cheating on you?

Nowadays only a few people stay loyal to their partner. Most people have a number of relationships either they are bachelors or married. Often in many cases, if someone catches their partner cheating on them, they don’t hesitate even to leave their husband/wife for their other outside relationships. If you also find your partner having multiple relationships, don’t take any immediate action. Have a conversation with your partner, its very important part of every relationship. Without having a conversation with your partner, your relation with be get even worse day by day.

If you know that your partner is stubborn and won’t accept his/her mistake, try to collect some proofs about their outside relationships. If you’ll have some strong evidences against your partner, it would be very easy for you to prove your partner wrong, and decide what is better for your coming future.

How to Believe that someone truly Loves you ?

Many people easily accept a proposal without even knowing the reality of the person they are in a relation with. This especially happens with teenagers, they are excited to know how it feels to be loved or being in a relationship with someone. The statement isn’t correct that “First Love Always Fails” but this implies for most of the people who unknowingly comes in a relationship.

Some people only love you for looks or lust, even for money or for their selfishness. This kind of love always fails, even this relationships shouldn’t be termed as LOVE. Never believe people too soon. Even if someone proposes you take some time to think about everything that will happen if you’ll be in relationship.

Its totally your choice, you would surely get loved if your choice is fine, and you would be only harmed and hurted if you are mistaken. Never ever listen to your friends whether they suggest you to say YES or NO for a relationship.

Take decisions of your own. If you were in a problem, only you alone have to face everything, not your friends.

Try to know everything about the person with whom you are in a relationship with or willing to come in. Don’t do everything so soon as your partner asks you to do, especially in terms of your body and money.

If you wish to have a healthy relationship, try not to hurt your parents. Without the blessings of your family, nothing will last long or good.

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