Google Question Hub | how to use Google Question Hub | RISING HUNKS

Google Question Hub | how to use Google Question Hub | RISING HUNK

As you all know google is a very big company which takes great care of its user and keeps launching many useful tools frequently to make the work of its users easier. Google has given more relief to its users by launching the Google Question Hub tool. Willing to know more about the Google Question Hub tool? Read ahead.

There are many people who do not know what is the Google Question Hub tool, due to which they are not able to take advantage of this tool. If you are a blogger then this tool is a very good treasure box of content for you and how it will be so beneficial for you, I will tell you further. Now coming directly to the point what is Google Question Hub.

What is Google Question Hub?

Google Question Hub | how to use Google Question Hub | RISING HUNKS

It is a Google developed knowledge market platform that tells you about the unanswered questions on the world wide web. This tool is a treasure box of content because it contains a lot of keywords (questions) that do not have any proper content available about them till date.

In this tool, you will find such keywords that a large number of people search, in such a way that if you wrote a proper article in those keywords, then your website will also start to rank in Google and you will start getting organic traffic by Google itself.

At present, Google Question Hub is limited to a few countries such as India, Nigeria, and Indonesia. Here the audience could ask all their questions only in these three languages ​​English, Hindi, and Indonesian language. If any of the questions for which specific answers are not available, Google publishes it in its tool, which helps the content creators to find those keywords and start making content on them.

How to use Google Question Hub?

As I told you above what this tool is and now we will know how to use this tool. Many people think that Google has answers to all the questions in the world, but this is not true, there are many such questions in google that do not have any correct answer till date. If you want to make your blogger journey easy and beneficial by using this tool, then follow these steps.

First of all, you have to go to the official site of Google Question Hub and then login with your Google account and fill all the basic details, after that, you have to choose categories according to your niche.


Currently, Google allows you to access only 100 questions at once. After selecting questions from the list, you can export them to your system too with the help of the export to CSV button.

If you do not want to export important questions, then you can star mark those questions, and then when you can see those questions on the left side of the screen as there will be a separate tab for starred questions.

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You can also add your questions in the Google Question Hub tool and as soon as a proper article will be published for your question, Google will immediately notify you.

In this tool, you will also get to see the history button, from which you can see all your previous activities. Here, you will also get to see a setting option, from where you can also select your language and country. You can also delete your activities and account from the setting option.

Benefits of using Google Question Hub

1. If you are a blogger and using this tool, then you will definitely get unlimited ideas of articles and you can also create articles for your website from these.

2. If you search keywords with the help of this tool and write articles on them, then traffic will also start coming to your website from Google.

3. This tool contains all low competition keywords with the help of which your site will easily rank in Google.

4. The time you spend in keyword research and the difficulties you face in finding keywords, this tool saves your time and tells you keywords that you can rank easily.

So these are some of the benefits of using Google Question Hub.


In this article, we have learned everything about Google Question Hub, what is it, how it works, what are the benefits, we have learned all the things in this article.

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