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How to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner ?

‘Relationship’, a simple word with a huge meaning and lots of emotions. Maintaining a healthy relationship with someone is not an easier task for everyone. Its a bond which connects two people mentally, physically and emotionally.

A lot of people fail to maintain this sweet bond because of several reasons. In this article you’ll find most important factors that are absolutely required for a perfect and healthy relationship.

1. Trust

Trust is one the most important thing for every healthy relationship. Without trust there will be no love between people. Building trust takes decades but it doesn’t even takes 10 minutes to break someone’s trust. Never do such things due to which your partner may start losing trust from you. If you lose trust, your relationship will definitely get effected.

2. Care

Only love, trust or communication can’t help you maintaining a perfect relationship. Caring for your partner is the 2nd most important factor. If you care for someone, make them feel special especially in their hard or bad times, they have a huge respect and love for you in their heart.

Its incorrect that only a wife should care for her husband, but a husband or boyfriend must be also equally responsible to take care of their partner. Always give your 100% in a relationship, but keep measure that your partner also gives his/her 100%.

“Clap rings with both hands” if one hand is broken, you won’t be able to clap.

Similarly relationship is like clapping, it equally requires the efforts of two people to maintain it properly.

3. Loyalty

The best thing about a relationship, or you can say the most difficult thing, STAYING LOYAL to your partner. Most relationships fail to succeed because people have multiple partners.
Some people keep multiple partners just for entertainment, some for lust, some to act oversmart in front of friends. And its not only about boys, many girls are too involved in doing so.

Don’t play with anyone’s heart, it may be possible that you are only for entertainment or lusty purpose with someone, and that person is truly and deeply in love with you.
Even if you have a lovely partner, always be loyal to them.

You might break someone’s heart today, but someday you’ll also love someone truly, then what if they cheat you!?

Keep in mind “KARMA always comes back!”

4. Respect

If there is love, there should be respect. Only staying loyal or caring can’t help you having a good relationship. Only a girl will respect her husband or boyfriend is incorrect. Your girl do have her own life which should be equally respectful as yours.

Beating, scolding, using abusive words for your partner is the worst thing ever that can happen in relationship. Humans are on this earth to commit sins, small fights take place between everyone, it is sign of love. But when this crosses the limits, everything is ruined.

Nobody should be disrespected. When a girl leaves a boy they call it her ego, but they didn’t understand that the thing is about her self respect so she has to leave.

5. Love

Love is the sweetest feeling of all time. Love your partner unconditionally to have a perfect relationship. Never let your partner feel alone especially in their hard times, always make your presence feel them so special, let them know how much you love and care for them, that somebody is always there to help and support. Make your partner give a sweet smile and forget all their pain and troubles.

6. Freedom

The greatest gift for a human is FREEDOM. If a human isn’t set free, they would lost their mind, can be easily depressed, they would become an overthinker about every small thing that would happen to them.

Restrictions for every small thing can easily spoil a good relationship. Think twice before restricting your partner for anything. If you are right, make your partner understand that it is incorrect for them.

7. Conversations

A deep conversation can help you get out of a bad fight with your partner. Not talking and just being angry isn’t a solution for your fight. Having a conversation can give multiple solutions for your problems.

You must have conversations everyday with your partner. It isn’t necessary to talk for hours everyday for keeping a good relation, but everyday’s small chit chat talks, nonsense jokes and romantic comedy conversations will always help you maintaing a healthy relationship.


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