Best Blogging Platforms in 2021 | RISING HUNKS

Best blogging platforms in 2022

Best Blogging Platforms in 2021 | RISING HUNKS

Are you thinking of becoming a blogger and do not understand which blogging platform will be best for you, then read this article completely, I have told you about the best blogging platform in 2021.

In today’s digital age, people wants to express their views through blogging and we can also earn money from blogging. But to do so, we should know the best blogging platforms through which you can start your dynamic blogging journey.

To start a good blogging journey, we will tell you in this article what is blogging, the advantages of blogging, and the best blogging platforms. It’s very important to rectify these concepts to become a successful blogger.

What is a blog?

A blog is an online journal or informational dairy sited on a website. Here, we can share our views on an individual subject and it is also very useful in fulfilling our business needs. An article of a blog consists of text, images, videos, and GIFs. A blog owner can also set their blog for public or private access.

There are many types of blog like fashion blogs, sports blogs, health and fitness blogs, dance blogs, food blogs, etc. We can also call it different types of blog niches. If you don’t know how to choose better blog niches for your blogging journey, then you must check this article👇👇
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The advantage of blogging

Best blogging platforms in 2021

1. It enables you to express your thoughts or view on anything that interests you. It shares your experiences with the world and helps you to connect worldwide.

2. It is very quick and simple to set up. It does not require any type of technical knowledge, but it’s my advice to you to have some basic knowledge about HTML and CSS.

3. Blog helps you to improve your writing and reading skills. You may have fear of making mistakes and getting criticized for them, but it’s the main motivation that boosts your writing skills. Blog reading is equivalent to reading a  newspaper, both of them improve your reading skills.

4. It helps you to acquire a subject greatly. It means blogging helps you to master a subject or niche on which you are working for a long time, it will boost your knowledge as you will keep researching for that particular subject or niche.

5. Blogging is one of the best ways to earn your income. It’s not only for expressing yourself but to make money also. You can make money through blogs in many different ways like – monetization method, affiliate marketing, paid guest posting method, paid SEO and backlinks method, etc.

6. Blogging doest not require any type of investment. If you want to make a free blog using a free domain, then you should use the free best blogging platforms that provide you everything for free.

7. It gives you an opportunity to work from any location that suits your comfort. This work does not take much of your time, it is a very good time-saving job.

How to choose the best blogging platform

Before looking at the list of best blogging platforms, you should know that which best blogging platform will fulfill your all needs.

Best blogging platform to make money

Here are some 3 main points which you should keep in mind:-

1. If you are a new blogger and do not have the technical knowledge, then you should choose a super user-friendly blogging platform in which you just have to do all the work from the front end, it will save your time and you will get dynamic blogging experience.

2. You should choose a blogging platform that brings security patches and updates at regular intervals of time.

3. If you want to make money through blogs, then you should choose a blogging platform that provides you the monetization option. All you want is a platform that allows you the freedom of customization, using third-party plugins, and allows you to generate your own ads unit.

So now you must have got the idea that how you can choose the best blogging platform according to your suitability, now we can see our picks for the best Blogging platforms in 2021.

List of the best blogging platforms in 2021

Here are some of the best blogging platforms in 2021:

1. Blogger

Blogger is the best blogging platform because it is completely free with no paid plans or any hidden charges. It is launched on August 23, 1999, which makes it one of the oldest blogging platforms. Here, we don’t have to pay any hosting fees as the blogs are hosted by Google itself.

It has several free user-friendly blog templates, but you can’t customize them freely. It is simply an HTML based blogging platforms which allow a user to type content, add images and videos, and publish. As it is a Google service, so it is also one of the safest blogging platforms.


  • Completely free and simple to use.
  • Google hosts your blog for free.
  • Integrates with many google products.
  • Have beautiful and responsive mobile templates.


  • Limitations in customization.
  • Does not have any plugins options.
  • No integration options for third-party apps and services.


Wordpress | RISING HUNKS is one of the world’s most popular blogging platform. Launched in 2003, Today more than 40% of the world’s websites have been created in wordpress. It provides advanced customization and functionality features. Here, you can get far better themes than Blogger. allows you to install custom themes and plugins which make your blog more beautiful. It gives you the freedom to fully control your blog by yourself.

In order to use this blogging platform, you must own a domain and have to find your web hosting services. Schedule backups and maintenance of your blog on your own.


  • Best blogging platform allows you to control your site completely.
  • Lots of plugins and extensions available to offer you full customization.
  • Search engine and monetization friendly.


  • Require some basic technical knowledge.
  • Users have to manage backups and security themselves.

3. is of one the popular free best blogging platform. There are millions of website which is created on Here, you can get a free domain and free hosting services. You can also add your custom domain for which you have to own your self-hosting services.

WordPress will show third-party ads on your website which you can not control over. If you’re a beginner, then this platform will be the best option for you to increase your site ability.


  • It is completely free with subdomain and hosting services.
  • Easy and simple to setup.
  • Backups and security management are handled automatically.


  • Free plans don’t give you the opportunity to use the monetization method with networks like google ads.
  • No opportunity to use custom templates and plugins on your site.
  • No full control over the site.

4. Wix

Wix is another best blogging platform that allows you to make a free site with a free subdomain and hosting. It is best for beginners, who just want to work from the front end. This drag and drop blogging platform offers a wide range of free templates for your blog, as well as 1GB bandwidth and 500Mb storage for a free wix account.

A user-friendly clean and simple interface makes this platform very suitable for new bloggers. It has paid plans also for your better blogging experience.


  • Third-party Integration without any coding skills.
  • Wide range of mobile-friendly themes.
  • Free subdomain and hosting services.


  • Limited storage facility provided on a free plan.
  • Third-party ads with no user control over it.

5. Weebly

Weebly is quite similar to Wix, and the two are close competitors. It is a drag and drop based website builder with fewer customization options. This platform does not require any coding skills. This blogging platform is completely free but has some limitations.

It does not allow you to change HTML or CSS on the blog. It allows third-party integrations to make your site dynamic but has limitations.


  • Free blogging platform with subdomain and hosting services.
  • Nice responsive themes.


  • Quite difficult to export your blog to another blogging platform.
  •  Limitations in third-party integrations.
  • Fewer customization options.

Conclusion: Best blogging platforms in 2021

To start blogging, finding the best blogging platform is very important, and in this article, I have told you about the best blogging platforms in 2021.

We have also listed free as well as paid blogging platforms which you can choose according to your compatibility. The best blogging platform to make money is the question asked by many bloggers, so, we have answered all your queries in this article.

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