How to increase website traffic organically for free 2021 | RISING HUNKS

How to increase website traffic organically for free 2021 | RISING HUNKS

If you are a website owner, then you will also want to know great legit methods to bring organic traffic to your website, then today I will tell you how to increase website traffic organically for free.

In this article, I will not tell you about any cheap methods, I will tell you only and only organic methods so that you will be able to drive very good traffic to your site organically for free.

Before I tell you how to increase website traffic organically for free, it is very important to know what organic traffic is and how your site can benefit from it.

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic are the visitors who came to your site through the search results that appear on the search engine. If we speak it in simple language, it will be said that visitors who have come to your site by themselves in an unpaid manner through search results.

How to increase website traffic organically for free

If organic traffic is coming to your site, then you can understand that people and Google both are considering your post as  quality content, and also you have done a great SEO.

Why organic traffic is considered important?

Why Google gives so much importance to organic traffic and why it is so important, you need to know all these things and the reason for this is very simple.

Organic traffic is a free type of traffic that comes from search results to your website according to the quality and SEO of the post, Google considers this type of traffic to be so important because it comes to your site through search result and behind it there is a huge contribution of the quality of your post, which also makes google to rank your posts.

If your posts are liked by organic visitors, then you can get a great benefit from this, they will also love to visit your website, they will also share your site with others and this will also increase the popularity of your site.

Increase website traffic organically

If you have not understood why the importance of organic traffic is so much, then let’s try to understand this with a simple example-

Suppose that you have searched in Google how to increase website traffic organically for free and you have seen many results in Google, but you will only open the result which will provide you quality content. By this, Google will understand that your site is providing high-quality content which will make your site ranking better.

So now you must have understood that why this is so important and beneficial for your site.

Methods to increase website traffic organically for free

As I have already told you that I will not talk about any cheap methods, I will tell you how to increase website traffic organically for free using organic and legit methods.

1. High-quality content

“CONTENT IS KING” you must have heard this term before from many people and from this, you can understand the importance and value of this term. People will come to your site only when you provide them any value, so you have to write and publish high-quality content on your website so that your ranking in Google will increase and your website will start gaining organic traffic.

If you do not know how to write high-quality content, then I can simply tell you, you have to write a post where you have to cover all the queries of people in a unique way. So, that you can write more words content as well as user-friendly content.

2. SEO: the modern way to generate organic traffic

SEO: Increase website traffic using SEO

SEO means search engine optimization. This means optimizing your content so that the search engine shows your content in the top results for the  particular keywords.

In SEO, you should pay attention to keyword placement in your content, and you should also use SEO friendly meta titles, descriptions, and tags, to rank your website at top results.

3. Long-tailed keywords

If you want to increase website traffic organically for free, then you should target long-tailed keywords. Ranking these types of keywords is very easy and you can also covert short tail keywords to long-tail keywords using online tools like keyword shutter and keyword shitter.

4. Drive organic traffic from Google Question Hub

Google Question Hub is a platform where you can find many unanswered questions, on which no content is available yet. You can write an article on all these questions and submit it in the Google Question Hub, from which you will get organic traffic.

Increase website traffic with Google Question Hub

If you want to know How to increase website traffic organically for free using Google Question Hub in detail, then click the link given below 👇

Google Question Hub | Complete detail

5. Increase traffic using social media

As we all know that nowadays more than half the world is using social media and in such a situation, if you make your website present on social media, then your site will become popular on the internet.

With this, your site ranking will also become better and you will start noticing the increase in your website traffic organically.

6. Link sharing or Guest posting

You can also drive organic traffic through methods like link sharing and Guest posting on your website. Through this method, you will also get dofollow backlink and organic traffic.

Guest posting today is considered an effective method by which you can create quality backlinks for your website and this helps your website greatly in driving organic traffic.

So I have told you about such legit and organic methods by which you can increase organic website traffic. I have followed all these methods personally and found a great positive result.


In this article, we have seen how to increase website traffic organically for free. I have shared the best legit methods by which you can bring organic traffic to your site. Increasing website traffic using these methods will give you the best outcome.

If you found this article helpful, then please share this with your friends and family. If you have any queries related to this article, then please let us know in the comment section.


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