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Hybridoma technology procedure: Hybridoma technology explained

As the technology gets faster, new innovations come in front of the world, today we will again learn about the great discovery hybridoma technology procedure and how it is really a great and important biologically.

okay now we are going to talk about the production of hybrid cells or how we can make a hybrid cell normally also Hybridoma technology procedure.

What do you mean by hybrid cell?

Hybrid cell is a mixture of cells so if you have two cells two different types of cells so not only two cells but different types of cells.

For example in this case what we can take a sale of a mouse so sale of a mouse which is a normal cell you take a normal cell of a mouse then we take another tumor cell off of that Mouse and you mix those together to make a large giant cell and call it the hybrid cell or it can also call it the Hybridoma technology procedure.

What is the Hybridoma technology procedure?

What is the Hybridoma technology procedure?

So how we can produce this kind of cell and what is the necessity of producing this kind of hybrid cells so what is the mechanism to produce this kind of cell or mechanism of Hybridoma technology procedure?

The first mechanism of doing this is  to make a suspension of two cell types and then we have to centrifuge it, we have to centrifuge with the fusion agent in this case so we add the fusion agent normally the fusion agents which are commonly used are normally called polyethylene glycol.

So this polyethylene glycol or pig in short PG so we can use this and what this pig does this pig is actually helping there as membranes to become really really a limiting and those members are getting fused to each other.

So this pig is actually helping the their membrane of this different types of cells to fuse with each other and after the centrifugation with this Center with this kind of fusing agent after some times.

let’s say these two cells will going to be fused and after the fusion of this them produce something which is called the hetero carrion.

Hybridoma technology procedure relations with hater carry?

Why it is called a hater carry on it is called a hater carry on because they carry different types of nucleus among them so as they carry different types of nucleus that means they are having different types of chromosomes in their name in their cell.

Hybridoma technology procedure relations with hater carry

So we call it the hetero carry on so this kind of cell is differing from the previous type of cell so after a remain afters we need to stand it for some time so that this guy this nucleus will come closer with each other and they will finally attach with each other.

They will incorporate with each other to make and hybrid nucleus and that’s what exactly happening in normal situation so we give some time and to settle this cells down to into a tween this nucleus to be interacted after the nucleus interaction they will fuse with each other to make a hybrid nucleus.

So a hetero carry on with hybrid nucleus plays there now we need to feed them because except for feeding no cell can survive so in this case we feed them using medium but we use selective medium over different medium.

So this selective medium there are components nutrients in such put in in such a way that they only this hetero carrion cell having both type of nucleus can grow but the other cells like this normal cell are like only tumor cell in this case cannot grow individually.

So only a cell which having the capability of which is having the nucleus of both tumor cell as well as normal cell that means cell which is made by hetero karien production only grow in this kind of medium so after plating these this this kind of hetero carry on in this selective medium we can grow this kind of hitter Canyon cell.

Importance of hetero karein cell in Hybridoma technology procedure

Now what is the importance of this hetero karien cell is this hetero karien cell is very large and they start to grow really really rapidly as they are growing really rapidly they can produce really a huge mass of cell or huge clumps of cell in a very limited period of time.

Importance of hetero karein cell in Hybridoma technology procedure

Thus they can make cancer so they can make potential tumorous cells in a situation when they produce lots of hybrid cells together when they fuse together they’ll make a tumorous condition we call it cancer in those cases we call the clumps of cells the Hybridoma.

Use of Hybridoma technology procedure

So we use this Hybridoma technology procedure to study the effect of different drugs in cancerous cells to study the properties of cancerous cells because this is an artificial medium of our study to the cancer and how the cancer cell can be modulated.

So using this hybridoma cells to go through not only can use them to study cancer but also this hybridoma cells or Hybridoma technology procedure can help us to produce monoclonal antibodies and we can use those antibodies for various different purpose.

As best as we can now know that monoclonal antibody is a huge invention for us okay so these are a huge area of research is going on about this Hybridoma technology procedure so the production of Hybridoma are really significant and important biologically.


In this article, we have talked about Hybridoma technology procedure. It’s is one of the great and important biological discovery in the world. Hybridoma technology procedure is a very important factor for cancer related problems. After reading this article completely, you will understand Hybridoma technology procedure easily.

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